Thursday, October 16


Wendy Van Draanen

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 9780375825446
Publisher: Ember
Date of publication: October 1, 2001
Age: Grades 6 - 8
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Themes: friendship, communication, misunderstandings, relationships, family

When Juli first saw Bryce, she was sure it was love at first sight (even if she was only in second grade). When Bryce first saw Juli, he ran. And he's been avoiding her ever since, even as she keeps chasing after him. Until now. As the two enter into eighth grade, it gets turned upside down: Bryce may now realize there's more than meets the eye even as Juli decides Bryce isn't all he seems.

Told between the two alternating view points, Van Draanen masterfully captures the maturing view of these two kids. And their budding little romance. Also, it's adorable. The story is just about the cutest little romantic comedy-ish book for pre-teens that I've ever seen. There is some drag and a little bit of stalling, but it's still good. I recommend it.

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