Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in Literary Hoots! My name is Emily Andrus, and I'm the brains behind this blog. You can learn more about me and my blog here. Please read through this here review policy BEFORE contacting me. You know, to prevent any awkwardness.


I have new options for all authors trying to promote their materials: you can either buy an advertisement on my site (ad policy page is under construction, please contact me for more information if you are interested) OR do a guest post (please contact me with your post idea and I reserve the right to accept or reject your proposal).

Literary Hoots focuses on children's literature and library resources. As such, I am happy to accept review requests from publishers, authors, and book tour companies. I accept ARCs, books, and ebooks in all genres (fiction and nonfiction) within the following ages/levels of books:
· Board Books
· Picture Books
· Easy Readers
· Chapter Books
· Middle-grade/Tween

I do not accept books that are targeting:
· YA/Teen
· New Adults
· Adults

I do not accept self-published books or books published solely as e-books. As a librarian, I want the books I review to be easily accessible for order at libraries, and therefore, should be available through library suppliers like Follett.

If you send me a book, I am not obligated to post a review on my blogIf I review your book, it is because it is my new favorite favorite and it wowed me to the point that I cannot not share it (yay amazing books!). Any other books I receive and read will get a review on Goodreads. My reviews will also be linked through my Twitter handle, @literaryhoots. My Goodreads reviews are not guaranteed to be a positive review, but honest and respectful. I do post content warnings on books that contain sexuality or profane language.

I also enjoy Reese's candy bars. You know, in case you want to send me one.

Requests can be sent to emily{at}literaryhoots{dot}com or through my contact form.