Tuesday, October 14

Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana

Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana
Written and illustrated by James Dean

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 9780062303820
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date of publication: September 30, 2014
Age: 4 - 8 years

Themes: negative experiences, overcoming, bananas, favorites

Pete the Cat loves bananas. They're just so perfect. But then he bites into a brown, mushy banana. He doesn't feel too good. And with that, Pete the Cat isn't so sure he'll ever be able to eat another banana. Not even banana bread or cream pie. Not even a deluxe banana split. Will he ever be able to recover?

The drama. I mean, how many have gone through this? After one horrible chicken sandwich, I chirped my chips and it took so long before I could eat another one. And now Pete the Cat must go through it. Alright, so I'm being a little funny about it, but it's the same idea. Is one bad experience going to ruin it for the rest of your life? The story is about courage to overcome the negative experiences. And about how a cat loves bananas. All around, it's a winner.

The writing is very simple--perfect for beginning readers. Plus, it's a favorite character. This is Pete the Cat's most recent book; there's plenty more where this came from. Get your reader hooked!

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