Friday, March 11

Fortune Teller Library Display

Or do you call them Cootie-Catchers? One and the same, my friend. The point is, here's an idea to help patrons figure out what to read next. Like so:

I originally saw the idea on MLISsing in Action, which actually has all kinds of fun passive displays. But I decided to make my own version of the fortune teller idea: free printables included! Here's the sign and here's the cootie-catcher. There's four versions in the cootie catcher file: the first is what you see: I filled mine all in with actual titles (my favorite middle-grade fiction, as selected from my "What Books to Give a Middle-Grader" flowchart poster). The second version has fortunes, such as "Your next title will begin with the letter 'H'" and "Pick a yellow cover to ensure happiness". Fun stuff like that (which provides a good opportunity to display books that fulfill those fortunes!). The third has blank fortunes, so you could do your own. And fourth is...well, pretty much all blank. Do whatever your heart desires!

Here's a brief pictorial representation of how to fold your cootie-catcher...

cut out the square

fold along the diagonals

fold the corners in

turn over and fold corners in again


Or this library has a nice instruction sheet seen here.

The point is, it's a fun way to get patrons to try something new! See how your library likes it!