Saturday, October 4

Better Off Friends

Better Off Friends
Elizabeth Eulberg

My rating: ★★★

ISBN: 9780545551458
Publisher: Point
Date of publication: February 25, 2014
Age: Grades 7 - 11
Genre: Romance

Themes: best friends, family, popularity, relationships

Macallan and Levi really are best of friends--they hang out after school, their families are really close, and they share a ton of inside jokes. They date other people and still banter as buddies. But as they progress into their high school years, can the really remain such? People assume they're together, they have trouble paying attention to their dates, and maybe...maybe Levi is developing some feelings. Could he convince Macallan that she should give it a shot? Or will it cost them their friendship?

Cute and clean and funny. Everything a good romance needs, right? It didn't really stand out in any one way or another. I did feel like the ending kept on dragging ("oh my gosh, really, they're still avoiding it") but I also didn't want to put it down. Also, it definitely sends the message that guys and girls can't really be best friends without it developing into something. Which I think is a little silly, but that's personal bias. In the end: yeah, it's good. Read it if you want.

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