Hello there! I'm Emily and I really like owls. And books. Them, too. By trade, I'm a children's librarian—passionate about early literacy, funny picture books, the can't-put-down novel, storytimes, and fun kid-friendly crafts. I worked in a public library as a children's librarian for a few years up until the birth of my daughter. After some years off, I am now a part-time librarian at a local elementary school, partying it up with grades K-5. Of course, my full-time job is a mom of two adorable kids.

...This blog 

I started this blog while finishing my Master's in Library Science merely as a place to review books and keep track of what I've read. Once I graduated and was working, I realized that it's a great place to organize my storytimes AND share them with other people at the same time. In between the book reviews and storytime ideas, I find time for all things literary, such as booklist ideas, book displayslibrary musings, early literacy advice/links, and other such fillers (including the fun stuff). It's a great resource for other librarians looking for ideas, and helpful to parents, teachers, and book lovers, too. I value honest work and give credit where it's due. Organization of the blog is important and I'll be trying to improve it all the time. I hope you enjoy and use what I've shared—thanks for stopping by!

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..."Explicit Content" 

Oh and one more thing: when I review the books I've read, I like to include a warning on some of them. Being completely straightforward, I've labeled these as "Explicit Content" in bold, red lettering at the bottom of the review. This is used to warn any future readers that there may be any of the following included in a book:
• Some sexuality (attempted rape or very passionate making out)
• Sexuality (going all the way)
• Language (use of the f-word one or more times)
I try to be as thorough as I can, because I know some people appreciate a little warning. That being said, if I miss labeling a book with Explicit Content, please let me know in the comments section of that book and I'll correct it!