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Infinite Sea

Infinite Sea
(The 5th Wave #2)
Rick Yancey

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 9780399162428
Publisher: Putnam
Date of publication: September 16, 2014
Age: Grades 10 and up
Genre: Science Fiction

Themes: aliens, humanity, trust, survival, extermination

The 5th wave of attack from the Others is underway, and survival is nearly impossible. Cassie, Ben, and Ringer, as some of the few humans left on Earth, are now seeing the depths to which the Others will sink to exterminate the human race. But they, in turn, will show the Others how far humanity can rise in this battle between hope and despair, trust and betrayal.

And it is quite the battle. I'm still reeling! My mind is reeling...and I'm pretty sure I really don't really know what's going on. It is SO complicated with all the alien mind tricks. You have no idea who you can trust. Also, it is told from multiple perspectives. Like a lot. And being the second in the series it's hard to tell if all the loose ends will wrap up and if there's actually a point to all of this complicated story line. But HOLY COW it is SO exciting and SO hard to predict and just...prepare yourself. That is all I can say. This is really hard to review. And so four stars: the writing and characters are superb, and yet, too complex. Personal bias.

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Warning: Explicit Content

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