Wednesday, April 13

Flannel Friday: Ice Cream Colors

No matter the time of year or season or—let's be honest—the time of day, it's ALWAYS a good time for ice cream! So I made this flannel (loosely inspired by this rhyme from Pre-K Fun) to not only practice colors and rhymes, but celebrate the most delicious of frozen treats.

(In this case, I designed the cone & scoops on the computer, since I didn't have the right colors of felt. Of course, you could make your own OR I do have each image ready to download, print, and velcro the back for your own use! Download the .png: conechocolate, mint, strawberry, lemonvanilla, cherry)

Here's the ice cream storytime rhyme:

Oh here is some ice cream, the best in the town!
So many flavors, but first? The chocolate BROWN.

The second's the creamiest I've ever seen!
Let's scoop up the ice cream that's minty and GREEN.

The third scoop is yummy—the best some might think.
Let's eat up the ice cream that's strawberry PINK!

The fourth flavor isn't nearly so mellow—
So tart and sweet is the lemony YELLOW!

A popular flavor is fifth—what a sight!
There at the tip-top is vanilla that's WHITE.

Oh it's incomplete! Before we can be fed,
Let's top off our treat with a cherry that's RED

So when I do this flannel, I'd pause before pulling out the next scoop and before saying the color so as to let the kids guess which color I'm talking about in each verse. They yell out what it is (getting them involved and excited!) and then I'll put the felt piece on. Sort of like so:

Anyway, it's a fun little rhyme and a good practice in colors. And, being the Elephant & Piggie fan that I am, goes perfect with Should I Share My Ice Cream? (and any other ice cream book, of course!) Enjoy! Now excuse me while I go get a bowl of chocolate chip...

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  1. Wonderful! ...we all scream for ice cream! LOL

  2. Thanks Emily for the fun idea and free printable! I think I'm going to have to use this one when we do a summer storytime coming up. How did you put together that neat video by the way?

    My Flannel Friday

    1. Yes, perfect for summer! And I used a website called to make it--you upload your photos and it animates into a .gif file for you. Totally useful!