Thursday, June 19


Megan Miranda

My rating: ★★★

ISBN: 9780802723109
Publisher: Walker
Date of publication: February 5, 2013
Age: Grades 9 and up
Genre: Mystery, Horror

Themes: Murder, hallucinations, boarding school, self-doubt

Mallory killed her boyfriend. Everyone in the town knows, and they know it was ruled as self-defense. But what really happened that night? Even Mallory can't remember, and she feels haunted by Brian's presence, and plagued with self-doubt. Her parents ship her off to boarding school, and she can't help but hope for a new start. But in a school where secrets are like currency, it becomes quickly apparent that her past will follow her, putting herself and her loved ones in danger.

This one was a page turner, for sure. I couldn't put it down, especially because I couldn't predict the ending--partly due to a shocking revelation, but also partly due to a weird split in the plot that was a tad confusing. The characters were somewhat flat, which contributed to the surprise ending (like, where did that come from?). But I like Mallory's character and the doubt she struggles with throughout the story. Overall, I would recommend it for a good thriller.

Warning: Explicit Content

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