Saturday, June 28

Oldies: Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins
P. L. Travers

Reynal & Hitchcock (1934)
Age: Grades 2 - 6
Genre: Fantasy

Themes: nannying, magic, London, growing up

Blown in with the east wind, Mary Poppins is definitely the most unusual nanny the Banks have ever had. From sliding up the banisters and changing the taste of medicine, to jumping into chalk drawings and being the star of show at the zoo, there is something magical about her. Jane, Michael, and the twins hardly know what to do! Every day spent with Mary Poppins brings a new surprise.

Of course I’ve only seen the movie, so I didn’t actually know what to expect with the book. It’s a little…crazy. Each chapter is a different adventure with Mary Poppins. Some of them I expected, because Disney’s movie pulled his scenes straight from the book. The others…well, they were weird and crazy and magical. So if you prepare yourself for weird, then you’ll probably enjoy it. Vague enough for you?

It's a masterpiece in children's literature, but if you're still curious, my rating is ★★★ 

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