Tuesday, November 12

Heist Society

Heist Society
Ally Carter
(Heist Society #1)

My rating: ★★★

ISBN: 9781423116394
Publisher: Hyperion
Date of publication: February 9, 2010
Age: Grades 5 to 10
Genre: Mystery

Themes: Thieving, stealing, fine art, mobsters

Katarina Bishop wants to escape the family business of thievery and live a normal life by enrolling into a boarding school. But her friend Hale soon schemes to get her kicked out to in order to help out the family again. Five priceless pieces of art were stolen from the dangerous Arturo Taccone, who has tagged Kat's dad as his sole suspect. She knows he didn't do it, but then who did? With only two weeks to get the paintings back and save her dad, Kat and her group of teenage friends must pull off the biggest heist their family has seen yet.

The art and the museums that are targeted in this story are fiction, but the excitement is real. While it is difficult to keep track of how these thieves make everything work (but isn't that how it’s supposed to happen?), the overall plot is one that is sure to entertain with adventure, suspense, and a touch of romance. It seems the perfect choice for the younger YA readers.

And! As a bonus, check out this book trailer I made for it:

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