Tuesday, November 12

Every Day

Every Day
David Levithan

My rating: ★★★

ISBN: 9780307931887
Publisher: Alfred A.Knopf 
Date of publication: August 28, 2012
Age: Grades 8 and up
Genre: Romance

Themes: Love, relationships, possessions, GLTBQ

A wakes up in a different body everyday. He (or she) borrows that person’s life for 24 hours, trying to leave everything undisturbed. Until one day, he/she wakes up as Jason and meet’s Jason’s girlfriend, Rhiannon, with whom A instantly falls in love. Soon, A finds that he/she will do anything to be with her, even when inhabiting the different bodies of some girl or boy, suicidal, homosexual, heterosexual, religious, agnostic, or obese teenager. Rhiannon finds that she loves A, too, but how can she be with someone who doesn't have their own body?

This book came off a bit more philosophical than as a novel. Instead of a real story, one travels through the different minds of all kinds of different teenagers and learn what it is like to be them. I got frustrated while I was reading it, because I found myself disagreeing with his main point that love between spirits is enough—no, it’s not. Physical appearance and gender play an impact on love. But the ending works, I guess.

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