Tuesday, November 12

Such a Pretty Girl

Such a Pretty Girl
Laura Wiess

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 9780316084208
Publisher: MTV, Pocket Books
Date of publication: January 2, 2007
Age: Grades 8 and up
Genre: Realistic Fiction 

Themes: Sexual assault, child abuse, rape, father/daughter relationship

Awards: Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee (2009)

Meredith was promised her father would be gone for nine years, but in three short years, he is released for good behavior. But she knows it's an act; he still tries to grope her and talk her into things she does not want to do. She was not the only victim, either. With that knowledge, she realizes she can't just run away, leaving other kids vulnerable. Something must be done.

This dark and haunting story is poignant and unforgettable. Weiss has captured the mentality of a girl who must face her ultimate fear. The language is moving, the details are expressive, and I definitely recommend it (with a grain of salt, of course). It's heartbreaking, but really, the writing is amazing.

Warning: Explicit Content

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