Tuesday, November 12


Lois Lowry
(Giver Series #4)

My rating: ★★★

ISBN: 9780547887203
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Date of publication: October 2, 2012
Age: Grade 6 to 10
Genre: Fantasy

Themes: Dystopian society, mother/son relationship, searching, trading

Claire was assigned the role as birth mother in her society, but something went wrong when she gave birth to her first child. He's taken away and she's reassigned in society, but her vague memory of him lingers, and she's determined to find him. She determines his identity, but he's soon stolen away and escapes society with Jonas. She follows, but an accident, culture changes, and an encounter with a very dark, evil being that threatens her search. Will Claire find her son?

This book was divided into three parts and, in turn, lent itself to three different stories. At times, it seemed to drag, but was very thoroughly developed. The element of fantasy or magic that was introduced was a bit of a surprise for a book set up as a dystopia, but the plot development made it fit. As a series, I liked it well enough.

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