Wednesday, August 5

My Favorite Storytimes (So Far)

August at our library is our break from most programming, including storytime. We need to recover from summer reading and get our collection presentable again. So since I won't have any new storytimes over the next couple weeks, I thought I'd just take the chance to share a list of my favorite past storytimes. If you're looking for some ideas or whatnot, try these on for size.

1 - Ninjas

High-flying action? Check. My first ever solo-designed and created felt story? Check. Kids yelling "HIYAH!"? Check. Let's face it, ninjas are just that cool and this is a great storytime for having some fun.

2 - Mustaches

Okay, there's a good chance I liked this storytime more than the kids did. Although they did laugh and laugh at Mr. Lou's mustache. Another storytime that's just a lot of fun.

This was one that was surprisingly super successful, both in the library and here on the blog--it's one of my top posts. It's perfect for preschoolers who are just learning about more and more emotions and how to regulate them.

4 - Space

Reaching a bit further back in the archives was an all-around great storytime about space. It had educational aspects, interactive aspects, and a really fun--yet simple--craft.

5 - Clothing

Not only did I get to read my favorite books (I Want My Hat Back) but the kids really enjoyed matching socks and tying shoes. Preschoolers are experts on clothing, it would seem.

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