Wednesday, April 15

Mustache Storytime

This storytime was for a preschool-aged group at my library.

Today's storytime is brought to you by the letter 'M'. So, on the board as kids walked in was:

Read Aloud Books

Mo's MustacheWritten and illustrated by Ben Clanton

Mo is a monster who just received his big, black, beautiful mustache in the mail. But then all of his monster friends get mustaches, too. Mo is not amused! So, not only is this great for the letter 'M', but it's a great book for recognizing emotions. Plus, it's hilarious, which is just the best part, of course.

Mustache BabyWritten by Bridget Heos, illustrated by Joy Ang

Baby billy was born with a mustache. Which isn't too much of a concern--as long as it stays a good guy mustache. If it curls up at the ends into a bad guy mustache? Better watch out! It's a little long, but so funny and the kids really enjoyed it. The parents maybe even more so.

Mustache Baby Meets His MatchWritten by Bridget Heos, illustrated by Joy Ang

So of course we had to read the sequel! Baby Javier has a beard so Billy decides to show him how things are done. But a competition soon begins. It's just hilarious, but still has a good message and I just love these two books.

Songs & Rhymes

Song:Ten Little Mustaches
(Tune: Ten Little Indians)
One little, two little, three little mustaches
Four little, five little, six little mustaches
Seven little, eight little, nine little mustaches
Ten little mustaches under your nose

Action Rhyme
Monster, monster, turn around
Monster, monster, touch the ground
Monster, monster, give a roar!
Monster, monster, stomp the floor
Monster, monster, show your claws
Monster, monster, clap your paws
Monster, monster, touch your nose
Monster, monster, grab your toes
Monster, monster, slap your knees
Monster, monster, sit down please

Rhyme: Five Little Monsters
Five little monsters jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped his head
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,
“No more monsters jumping on the bed!”

Games & Activities

Flannel Game: Mustache mustache, where can it be?

Using the monsters featured in Mo's Mustache, I made these flannels:

Pretty cute, right? Well, first I used them with "Five Little Monsters" (see above) and then we played our favorite hide-and-seek game. I hid Mo's mustache behind one of the monsters and had the kids guess which one.

Mustache mustache, where can it be?
Is the (color) monster hiding it? Let’s peek see!

Flannel: Mr. Lou's Mustache

Credit for this idea goes all to Sunflower Storytime, who had a great mustache storytime, as well. I tweaked her rhyme a bit, but it's the same idea...

There once lived a man named Mr. Lou,
He had a mustache that grew, and GREW!
By Monday, it was as tiny as his nose,
By Tuesday, on and on it grows!
By Wednesday, it stretched as far as his ears!
By Thursday, it looked as if it had grown for years
But on Friday Mr. Lou caught the flu…
and off went the mustache—it flew and FLEW!

The kids were laughing so hard when I put the biggest mustache on. I had to do it all twice, they loved it so much. He did look pretty funny...

Craft: Mustache Face

Paper plates, crayons, and yarn: the kids went to town. They had a lot of fun; some even made bad guy mustaches!

Other Book Ideas

MoosetacheWritten by Margie Palatini, illustrated by Henry Cole

Mustache!Written by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Kevin Cornell (Illustrator)

This Monster Needs a HaircutWritten and illustrated by Bethany Barton

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