Tuesday, August 5

The Lion and the Bird

The Lion and the Bird
Written and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 978-1592701513
Publisher: Enchanted Lion
Date of publication: May 6, 2014
Age: 4 years and up

Themes: friendship, seasons, caring

On an autumn day, Lion is working in his garden when he looks over to discover an injured bird. He decides to take care of it, as the rest of the flock has already flown south. They quickly become friends and enjoy having fun together. But, come spring and the return of his flock, Bird flies away. Lion works away in his garden, through spring and summer, hoping that he may see his friend again.

It’s beautiful. Heartfelt. Just the right amount of sweetness. The simple illustrations match the simple message: nothing is better than a good friend. At 64 pages, it’s a hefty picture book, but it’s very light on words and focuses mostly on the pictures. I mean, how adorable is this:

Go and read and feel good.

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