Tuesday, August 19

Signs You're a Die-Hard Reader

Inspired by a list I found on 101books, I made my own. Cliche, yes, but finding gifs is so much fun. So, without further ado, if you've ever said or done something along these lines, there's a good chance you're addicted to books.

1. "No, the eBook is not the same; there's no smell"

2. When someone asks what you're reading, instead of answering with the title, you simply show the book cover and hope they go away

3. "The movie totally butchered this book! They got it all wrong!!"

4. Shelves of book brings you more joy than Disneyland

5. "A party? How 'bout I just sit inside and read?"

6. Bookstores are your drug--you can't stop going even if they suck your money away

7. The librarians know you by name

8. "It's not 'lunch break', it's reading break!"

9. You emotions directly correlate to the emotions of the main character

10. "I think I'll wear my book perfume tonight"

11. Your to-read list is ever growing

12. There's certain friends you wont loan books to because you know it won't be coming back

13. "What do you mean I should have been asleep 5 hours ago? Who needs sleep?"

14. "Is there a state that will allow me to marry this book?"

15. You're deaf to anyone trying to make conversation with you while your book is open

16. You mourn the deaths of beloved characters more than the death of someone like Robin Williams (I mean really, Fred? You had to kill Fred Weasley??)

17. You talk to your books more than to other people, and that can often consist of yelling ("WHAT? YOU CAN'T KILL FRED!! WHAT?!?")

What do you guys think? Anything else that shows you're a die-hard reader?

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