Friday, August 29

Library Pet-Peeves

Hey it's Friday! So it's time for a just-for-fun post.

Librarians need to vent. Just a once in a while. I know that librarians supposedly have one of the least stressful jobs (thanks Forbes), but there's just some things I need to get off my chest...

...with the help of Cary Grant.

15. Books with spelling or grammatical errors

I mean, isn't that the whole point of having an editor?

14. Literary shortcuts.

Oh what a nice coincidence for this character. Guess this plot can keep moving forward.

13. Parents limiting their children

"No you can't read Captain Underpants, that's gross." But of course, goes right in hand with...

12. Parents putting too much on their children

"Of course my first grader is reading Harry Potter. She loves it." Does she? Or is it just you?

11. Book Abusers

There's a thing called a bookmark. Really, any flat piece of paper will do. I promise. You don't have to fold the corner of the page down. You really don't. *shudder*

10. Book snobs

You know, there have been some rather fantastic books written in this century.

9. "What are you reading?"

A book. Now go away.

8. Shelves of unread books

So these books are just a design element in your house?

7. "I thought Google and eBooks have negated the need for libraries and librarians"

Just like WebMD negated the need for doctors.

6. "I prefer the movie"

Do you even read? Can you?

5. "What? A librarian needs a master's degree?"

It takes skillz, man.

4. "So what's your favorite book?"

That's like asking a parent to pick their favorite child.

3. Librarians being cut from school districts

Don't punish the children. We help them succeed. (See proof here and here and here and here. Everywhere.)

2. Terrible Endings

Some authors just like to take away all your happiness.

1. "Oh you're a librarian? So you just get to read all day?"


Yep. That felt good.

Hey, you should try it! Any literary pet-peeves?

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