Friday, July 25

Anxiously Awaited Sequels

I have some favorite series that are still incomplete (don't we all?). This list consists of the sequels that I am DYING to have. Like now.

So you can take this list one of two ways: get off your butt and read these AMAZING books right away!! can be lame and wait for the whole series is out because you might turn into a hair-pulling, author-stalker, book-caresser like me.

And they're simply in order of release, because how can I choose a favorite? (Except the Throne of Glass one. That is my favorite.)

Heir of Fire
(Throne of Glass #3)
Sarah Maas

Release: September 2, 2014 (pre-order!)

Celaena has just escaped to a foreign land, but knows the battle against evil is far from over. With an INCREDIBLE bomb of information dropped on the last page of the previous book, I must say that this is my most eagerly awaited sequel. My one pain/joy (it's rather paradoxical) is that this is not the end. And so I will be pining for this series once again by September 3rd.

See my reviews for Book 1, Book 2, and Book 0.5

The Whispering Skull
(Lockwood & Co #2)
Jonathan Stroud

Release: September 16, 2014 (pre-order!)

This will be the continuing adventures of Lockwood & Co., an intrepid band of young teens who take on ghosts, phantoms, and other dangerous spirits. The first was terrifyingly fantastic (and cliffhanger-less, so read it) so I anticipate something even better with this (Stroud other series, Bartimaeus got better with each book). Plus, I anticipate clean content (no language or sex).

See my review for Book 1

(Reckoners #2)
Brandon Sanderson

Release: January 6, 2015 (pre-order!)

The Reckoners will be continuing their fight against Epics. David may have won the last battle, but there are still tyrannical Epics to destroy. The first was so action packed, I couldn't put it down. And it had a satisfying ending, so read it. Again, it's a fantastic author and clean content, so I am rooting for this one all the way.

See my review for Book 1

(Lunar Chronicles #3.5)
Marissa Meyer

Release: January 27, 2015 (pre-order!)

With each book in the Lunar Chronicles, Meyer expertly ties together a fairytale retelling set in the future. Presumably, this will cover a sort of Snow White background story on the evil Queen Levana. It's a prequel of sorts, before Meyer officially finishes the series with Winter in November 2015 (GAH an even longer wait...). They're clean, exciting, romantic--everything! (I haven't reviewed the first three books on here because I fail... But believe me, they're GOOD.)

The Black Reckoning
(The Books of Beginning #3)

Release date: March 14, 2015 (pre-order!)

This is VERY much eagerly anticipated because SOMEONE (not cool, Stephens!) decided to end the second book with a TERRIBLE cliffhanger. Ugh. But it's a good series, targeted towards pre-teens with three siblings on an epic adventure to locate the three Books of Beginning, giving them various magical powers. The first was a little slow, but it just kept getting better. Plus, this will finish off the series. So I won't have to keep dying of a heart attack. (And sorry, no previous reviews again because I read the first two SO LONG ago. Man this has taken forever...)

So there you have it. Some super fantastic YA series that are incomplete--and therefore, so is my heart. But the sequels are coming! So prepare yourselves!

You know, this also makes a good Christmas wishlist... Any Santas out there?

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