Monday, July 14

Why You Should Go to Storytime

I may be a bit biased, but there are some really good reasons for young children to go to storytime. Here are just a few of them...

1. Field Trip!

Let’s face it. Sometimes, young kids just need to get out of the house and let someone else be in charge. Storytime is a great opportunity to stretch their legs, get a change of scenery, or break up the monotony of the day. If anything, it's free. What's better than that?

2. Socialization and Learning

Reading at home is important, but reading in a group setting is, too. If kids see other kids listening and enjoying a book, it may encourage them to sit and listen as well.  Being in a group also gets them ready for school. Listening to other adults read—besides mom and dad—further increases kids' literacy and language skills. And, if anything else, they may make some new friends. Including the librarian.

3. Library Literacy

If kids are comfortable around the library at an early age, they will be comfortable using the library at a later age. Through interactions with the librarian, kids learn the different types of books that are out there, how to find them, and the amazing stories out there waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, if I'm doing my job right, they’ll know librarians are not scary—we’re here to help!

4. Education for Parents

By attending storytime, parents and caregivers are already supporting a child’s learning. If adults sit and listen with their children, they can be a good model for listening to a story. Plus, the librarian can also be a model for adults! They can learn good oral reading skills, how to engage kids, and some fun activities to go along with books.

5. It’s Fun!

Stories are fantastic adventures. Sharing them is the best part of my job. And you know what? Storytime is more than just books. It’s songs and actions and crafts and games! It can be all kinds of things wrapped up in a nice literary, educational bundle.

So look up the local library and what times they may have storytime--and then go!

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