Saturday, July 5


Brandon Sanderson
(Reckoners #1)

My rating:  ★★★★★

Publisher: Delacorte
Date of publication: September 24, 2013
Age: Grades 7 and up
Genre: Science Fiction

Themes: superpowers, resistance, power, revenge

Ten years ago, it happened. It was a burst in the sky that gave some humans extraordinary powers, turning them into Epics. But instead of becoming heroes, all were evil and desirous of power. David Charleston’s father was murdered in cold blood by Steelheart, the most powerful Epic in Chicago. But every Epic has a weakness, and David is the only living person to have seen Steelheart bleed. With the help of the Reckoners, the human rebel group bent on eliminating Epics, David is sure he can exact his revenge.

This book is. SO. GOOD. Is there any real need to say anything more? Well, if you don’t believe me, I’ll explain a bit more. First, the concept is original and captivating. The characters? Riveting. The word that these Epics create is perfectly conveyed through Sanderson’s writing. The ending? Bam. Go and read.

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  1. Fantastic story, grips you from the first chapter. I literally read this book overnight, hardly getting a wink because I couldn't put it down, and when I did I couldn't get the visuals out of my head.