Monday, July 28

Three Bears in a Boat

Three Bears in a Boat
Written and illustrated by David Soman

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 978-0803739932
Publisher: Dial
Date of publisher: May 20, 2014
Age: 3 - 7 years

Themes: sailing, adventure, honesty, family relationships

Three bears break their mothers prized blue shell, and—instead of telling her—figure they can find her a new one before she even realizes it's gone. And so begins their sailing adventure where they encounter a variety of fellow sailors, strange islands, a herd of whales, and the ever expansive sea…but no shell. When a huge storm blows in, threatening their safety, the bears wonder if they'll ever get home. What can they do?

This. This book was a surprise. It shouldn't have been, because it's David Soman, but I still was pleasantly surprised. It had just the right amount of everything a good book needs: some humor, an epic adventure, trouble—and the good morals to fix it. And, on top of all that, just BEAUTIFUL illustrations! I mean, just the way he painted the water…Go and read. It's beautiful.

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