Friday, December 16

Another Book Return Poster

After my awesomely nerdy book return memes garnered some success (and how could Gandalf, Yoda, and Batman not be a success?), I made another one for Thanksgiving. Well, it turns out that I enjoy making them so much, it was only a matter of time that I made one for Christmas.

Yep, I have another free printable with which to encourage patrons to return/renew their books on time. I figure this Christmas one would be especially useful at a school library before they go on winter break. Or really any library that closes for a number of days.

Like I said, a totally free printable. You can either download the image above or get the pdf off of Google Drive.

And if you're still in the mood for more Elf library display goodness, then you should definitely whip up this baby:

source unknown-anyone know what library this is?

Genius. I love it.

Hope this post provides some inspiration or holiday cheer for you! If it doesn't...well, know that I'm singing for all to hear. You know, to spread some Christmas cheer.

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