Friday, November 4

Turkey Book Displays and Book Return Poster

By far my most popular display I've made is my No-Shave November. Which I do love. It's pretty hilarious. So I don't really have a lot to add to the November library display collection...

Except for turkeys. I think they're so funny. So I couldn't resist adding to my book return meme collection (see the Batman, Yoda, and Gandalf ones here) with a new printable perfect for Thanksgiving:

And yes! You are free to print it and use it. If you want the pdf, here's the Google drive link.

Anyways, now I'm craving some turkey. Here are some other turkey library displays that I just want to gobble up!

Ha! The Pigeon. So clever (Pinterest).

This one takes a lot of folding. And patience. (Pages and Threads)

Just don't actually eat  the books (Central City Library)

So genius, Jacksonville Public Library

Save the turkeys! (Pinterest)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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