Friday, December 2

Review for a Perfectly Bookish Gift Idea: Book of the Month Club

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Ah, the holidays...when my own book collection grows significantly. It's true: I like getting gifted with lots of books. And if there's someone on your gift list that feels the same way? Well, have you heard of the Book of the Month Club?

It's like giving the gift of books...over and over. Which is just genius, really.

I joined the Club a couple of months ago, and basically, every month, you pick a book you want to read from their selection and book-club it. Is that a verb? I just made it a verb. What I mean is, you can discuss it online with other club members and rejoice/revolt in your selected book.

For instance, December's Books of the Month are...

Great range of books, right? I'm particularly excited about The Sun is Also a Star—it's gotten a lot of good buzz and reviews. So, I'd log into BOTM, make that my selection, and voila. They send it to me. I read it, discuss it, and praise the existence of BOTM yet again.

Now, I know what you're thinking: What if there's a second book in the selection that I really want to read?? (e.g. Swimming Lessons isn't going to be officially released until FEBRUARY. I want to read it NOW.) Well, you can buy that, too. No questions asked. And what about the other hand? What if you don't like any of the BOTM selections for the month? Well, just skip it (and you won't be charged). Sweet!

Best part? I get to do it again next month, with their new selections. And the next month, and the next month...

See where I'm going with this? Give your book-loving giftee and never-ending supply of books! I mean, they'll get one like every month! So much better than just one book at Christmas. Plus, they do the selecting. So no having to guess what you think they'll like. So give the gift of reading at (P.S. If you're new to BOTM yourself, giving a gift subscription will get you 50% off your own 3-month subscription!)

I really do love being exposed to a whole new range of books and being able to talk about it with others. Some, I have loved (e.g. Dark Matter, read for August's BOTM) and some, not so much (e.g. Good as Gone, read for October's BOTM. Meh). And then there was the time I moved, and forgot to update my address... Their customer service was nice enough to send me a second, replacement book! Really, overall, I've been very pleased with BOTM.

So if sounds like something you or a friend would like, then yes, give it a try! And enjoy getting/giving books as gifts—for months to come.

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