Friday, July 29

"Gold Medal Books" Olympics Library Display

The 2016 Summer Olympics are just around the corner!

And so of course this presents the perfect opportunity for a book display (I do enjoy creating book displays—see all of them here). 

Anyway, this idea was pretty straightforward and it's awesome because it's really versatile, too: you can highlight any award winning books. I, of course, like the children's book awards. For instance, all of the Newbery's that you see in the collage above. Or Caldecotts...

But really, you could do whatever you like. 

I made a simple, free printable poster for the display. You can download the 8.5x11 .pdf from Google Drive. OR if you want to be more creative, you could also just download the medal (click on the image) by itself and make your own fantastic be-ribboned display of awesomeness...

Okay, so maybe I have too much fun doing odd little bits of graphic design. But hey! I love me some gold (and silver) medal books...

...and my baby, too!

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