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Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
(DC Super Hero Girls)
Lisa Yee

My rating: ★★½

ISBN: 978-1101940594
Publisher: Random House
Date of publication: March 1, 2016
Age: Grades 4 - 7
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: library book

Themes: DC Superheroes, friendship, school, competition,

Wonder Woman has only ever known life on Paradise Island, but she wants fulfill her full potential as a superhero. Despite her mother's misgivings, Wonder Woman enrolls at the elite Super Hero High and eagerly studies hard to ace classes, embraces new friends, and juggles a variety of clubs and training. What she doesn't anticipate is a roommate documenting her every move on social media, anonymous threatening notes telling her to leave, and the ever never-before-seen boys. High school might be harder than she thought.

Kick-butt female superheroes and villains kicking back in high school? Sounds like an awesome idea! And...then I read the book. While it's a book that fills a void in the male-heavy superhero world, it could've been executed so much better. The story line was very repetitive and dragged quite a bit. The characters, while beloved, were pretty ditsy. Wonder Woman is, indeed, insatiably optimistic, slightly ignorant (life on a secluded island with only women might do that to you), and dedicated to justice—but in this book, that all came together to make her seem like an airhead. Especially when she earned the nickname "Wondy." Oh, Wondy...

I did enjoy some aspects, like the antics of Harley Quinn and Wondy's reaction to the dorky-but-cute Steve Trevor. Also, the research that went into it is impressive—every single character comes from the DC universe. So while I may not have loved the story, I still appreciate its helping girls to delve into the nerd culture.

Readalikes would include books like Goddess Girls or Grimmtastic Girls.

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