Wednesday, January 7

Frozen Storytime

This storytime was for toddlers and preschoolers at my library. We had some very special guests...

Special Guests

Yep, we had Anna and Elsa themselves come and do a storytime! (If you're in the Phoenix area, I booked the visit through Enchanted Entertainment). They were fantastic. Totally in character and, of course, loved by all the children (albeit mostly girls). They read some books, sang a song, and stuck around for lots of photos and warm hugs.

Read Aloud Books

A Sister More Like MeWritten by Barbara Jean Hicks, illustrated by Brittney Lee

After Elsa got her powers, the two sisters were pretty separate and liked different things. But maybe that's okay. Our guests read this story, alternating between their parts. I've never seen kids more attentive. Honestly. They were riveted.

An Amazing SnowmanWritten by Barbara Jean Hicks, illustrated by Olga Mosqueda

Well, Olaf is rather special, no? Again, the kids were riveted.

Songs & Rhymes

Let it go by Frozen on Grooveshark

Of course.

Games & Activities

It was a party! The top-most picture are my creations. I cut lots of snowflakes for decorations (it was actually very cathartic...) and do you see the little wand? The bottom left photo shows it better. When the kids took their photo with our guests, Elsa gave them their very own winter wand! And they were super easy to make: just sparkle snowflake ornaments glued to paper straws. They were a hit. Also, I made the Frozen logo out of "icy paint," which brings me to our first craft...

The top left photo and the photo below show our main craft. I made ice paint with equal parts hot water and Epsom salt, which I learned from here. Without adding any color, you get what you see with the Frozen logo on the black butcher paper (which the kids could added to and is now hanging in our storytime room).

For the kids take-home project, I added some food coloring and they painted Elsa's ice powers. They could either brush it on or blow drops of it on their paper. I wish the pictures better captured the sparkle. It was pretty awesome, and I think the kids had lots of fun.

I also put out lots of coloring sheets. There's a bunch of activity sheets and things straight from Disney's website.

Felt: Do you want to build a snowman?

So this ended up being just an activity the kids could do themselves. Isn't this Olaf felt adorable? All credit goes to Tara from Storytime with Miss Tara, who was nice enough to let me borrow it! The kids got to put him together and decide which sort of vegetable worked best for his nose. It was super cute.

Other Book Ideas

A Day in the SunWritten by Frank Berrios, illustrations from RH Disney

Frozen Little Golden BookWritten and illustrated by RH Disney

Olaf's 1-2-3Written and illustrated by RH Disney

A Tale of Two SistersWritten by Melissa Lagonegro, illustrations by RH Disney


...because I can't help myself...

I mean, I coordinated so well!

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