Friday, January 30

Another Best Gift for Die-Hard Readers

Or maybe we can just call this one 10 Best Gifts for Die-Hard Readers part II. Addendum to. The sequel. Amendment 11. And then some.

Actually, this is better than that post because all of the items in that post were simply things that I saw online and thought, "Man, I wish I had that." See this post is, "Man, I actually have this and want to tell other readers."

Behold, the Peeramid Bookrest:

Coming in a variety of colors, mine happens to be perfect for Literary Hoots (aren't those owls ADORABLE?). But whatever the color, it's the function that matters.

It's a pyramid shaped pillow. Kinda weird, I know. I thought so, too. What can it do for me?

I was pleasantly surprised to discover: complete and utterly relaxing book-reading, that's what. Hands-free. Plus the pillow is, well, pillowy. More comfortable than my tablet's case, if I were to prop that up on my stomach. It's surprisingly sturdy given its light weight. The lip of the pillow holds my tablet securely and the angle of the pyramid is just right.

But how 'bout for a book?

The book ends up sitting more on the roll of the lip, instead of inside, but it still props up really well. Better than any normal pillow did for me. I did, usually, have to have my hand up to hold the pages open, but that was way better than supporting the weight of the book entirely.

Here's a reference pic for ya:

The Peeramid is about as high as a standard novel, the pocket holds my bookmark and the tassel holds my spot temporarily. I wish the tassel was heavier, maybe to where it could hold open the pages for me. I mean, how lazy can I be?

So, what about bigger tablets?


Or bigger books? How about the Social Worker's Desk Reference?

Check. Well, kind of. It didn't hold it nearly as upright. But how many of you read dictionaries in bed?

In the end, I recommend it. It's a reader's friend. I have it under my night stand where it's easy to pull out for my nighttime reading in bed. It's so comfy. I hope all of these many photos give you a useful reference.

You can find it on the Hog Wild's website.

If anything, it makes for a great hat.

(I received the Peeramid Bookrest for free, in exchange for an honest review. I will not be getting any compensation for this post; it's 100% my honest opinion.)

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