Friday, January 16

Flannel Friday: Penguins & Polar Bears

With plenty of winter-themed storytimes going around at my library, I've created/reused some flannels involving my favorite polar friends: penguins & polar bears

I've got two variations of "Monkeys on the Bed" here.

For preschool, we used these five polar bears with this rhyme...

Five little polar bears down the hill sled (ZOOM! down with your arms)
One fell off and bumped his head! (hold head)
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said: (pretend to talk on phone)
"No more polar bears falling off the sled!" (shake finger)

And so on down, until all the bears fell off...

The familiarity of the rhyme made it easy for the kids to chant along and they loved to count how many bears were left.

For babytime, we used these five penguins with this rhyme...

Five little penguins, playing on the ice (bounce babies in lap)
One slipped off and "Ouch! That's not nice!" (lean far to one side)
Mama called the doctor and the doctor's advice? (pretend to talk on the phone)
"No more penguins playing on the ice!" (shake finger and bounce baby)

And so on down the line, until all of our penguins had slipped off. The flannel was a perfect followup after reading I Am Small by Emma Dodd (which totally got a collective "awwww" from our caregivers—it's such a cute story!).

Hope you enjoy these! Happy Flannel Friday!

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