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Princess of Thorns

Princess of Thorns
Stacey Jay

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 978-0385743228
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Date of publication: December 9, 2014
Age: Grades 9 and up
Genre: Fantasy

Themes: family, fate/prophecies, journey, pride

Sleeping Beauty's daughter, Princess Aurora, is fairy-blessed with strength, bravery, and mercy—but also that no man in love with her will defy her. A curse, since any man who kisses her loses his free will. Giving up on love, she disguises herself as a boy and enlists the help of Prince Niklaas—himself cursed—to fight for her throne and kidnapped brother, challenging the ogre queen and her army of monsters that stole the kingdom from her family 10 years previous.

I loved this book. The story itself was interesting with a dark, exciting, Game of Thrones-esque twist on a classic fairy tale. But I was most impressed with Aurora, the character. She's stubborn, prideful, and quite full of herself (she is only barely mortal). When faced with the consequences of her choices, however, she is dealt with a harsh blow to her ego. Her character develops magnificently.

And the ending is fabulous. Well, mostly. The actual climax is a bit hollow, with me doing a "wait, what?" I was doing a lot of "wait, what?"s at the beginning, because you're dropped right in without much of an understanding (hard to tell what is prophecy and what's really happening). But it works out in the end. So not a five-star, but still way good. I recommend it.

Warning: Explicit Content

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