Monday, November 17


Written by Tom Lichtenheld and Ezra Fields-Meyer, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

My rating: ★★★★★

ISBN: 978-0811878982
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Date of publication: October 19, 2011
Age: 4 - 7 years

Theme: alphabet, emergency, interactive, helping out

The letter E is injured! She fell down the stairs and is in the hospital, needing a rest. Who can cover for her? Z is too sleepy, P is in the bathroom, and U wants to stick by Q...but O can help, being so well-rounded! Ho'll covor so that E can got bottor! Now ovoryono mako suro to lot E rost!

This book is downright hilarious. I mean, you get a taste of it with the summary, but I honestly haven't laughed so much for any other picture book. There's so many punny jokes for kids and for adults. And if you choose to read it aloud...well, just be ready. Because it's going to be funny. Try saying "ovoryono" with a straight face. Plus! E is my favorite letter of the alphabet. So, a whole book on the importance of the letter E? Yeah, I might be biased, but I'm a fan. Go check it out!

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