Tuesday, November 11

Waiting Is Not Easy

Waiting Is Not Easy
(Elephant & Piggie Book)
Written and illustrated by Mo Willems

My rating: ★★★★★

ISBN: 978-1423199571
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Date of publication: November 4, 2014
Age: 5 - 8 years

Themes: patience, friendship, waiting, suprise

Piggie has a surprise for Gerald--a most amazing surprise that they can share! But it's not here yet. So Gerald has to wait. And wait. "GROAN!" Waiting is not easy. Will it be worth it? What is the surprise??

I think I have a new favorite Elephant & Piggie. Not necessarily because of the way it's written but because of personal preference. See, I think Piggie's surprise is the best thing in the whole universe, so I was a fan the minute I finished the book. But on to the more technical aspects...

This is a fantastic new Elephant & Piggie book because Willems has once again introduced an important value--in this case, patience--to his young readers in a fun and understandable way. The simple illustrations are fantastic as well, such as the illustration I shared below. Don't impatient children make you feel like Piggie in that picture? Willems captures emotions with the simplest illustrations, which helps the beginning readers really understand what is going on. So give it a try!

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