Wednesday, September 3

Storytime: Dentists

This storytime was a for a combined toddler and preschool-aged group at my library.

Unlike my other storytimes, this was a special session with a real dentist/dental hygienist visiting. So, we didn't sing songs, make crafts, or those sort of things. But I will report and what we did with our guests!

Read Aloud Books

Clarabella's TeethWritten and illustrated by An Vrombaut

Turns out I only had time for one book and this was the one: Clarabella and her friends have just woken up and it's time to brush their teeth. But while the others go off to play, Clarabella is still brushing...and brushing...and brushing. It's adorable and I think the kids loved it. Good repetition and a fun ending.

Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly ToothWritten and illustrated by Lucy Cousins

Charley has a loose tooth so he's going to go to the dentist for the very first time! He's a little nervous, but his friends will be there to keep him company. It was a little too long for our time, but still a good book.

Games and Activities

Our special guests took charge! First, they held up pictures of different kinds of food and everyone helped decide with a thumbs up or thumbs down if it was good for our teeth.

Guess what, the bread is tricky. Yep, with all those carbohydrates, it's actually not good for your teeth.

Next, a volunteer got to try out all the dental gear.

They also took the time to go through each of the tools that you'd find on a dental tray, what they do, and why they're not scary. 

Finally, a giant set of teeth with large tooth brush. What else could you want in life. 

Each of the children that wanted to got to go up and practice brushing on the big set of teeth, front, back, top and behind!

Flannel: Clean teeth

Finally, while the parents asked questions and kids got goody bags (free toothbrush!!), I had a little game on the flannel board for the kids.

Clean teeth....stained teeth.

I traced out a tooth, copied it, printed, and laminated. Here's the template I used: (click for larger version)

Once they're laminated, you can use dry erase marker to make the "stains." And how do we clean stained teeth? With a toothbrush of course!

Large multi-colored popsicle sticks with white pom-poms hot-glued on. Anything soft and fluffy would work, really. Just so long as it can wipe of dry erase marker.

See? All clean! 

Other Book Ideas

The Tooth Fairy Warsby Kate Coombs (Author), Jake Parker (Illustrator)

Open Wide: Tooth School Insideby Laurie Keller (Author, Illustrator)

Curious George Visits the Dentistby H. A. Rey (Author)

The Tooth Bookby Theo Lesieg (Author), Dr. Seuss (Author), Joe Mathieu (Illustrator)

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