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Rhyme & PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay

Rhyme & PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay
Written by Brian P. Cleary, illustrated by J. P. Sandy

My rating: ★★★★★

ISBN: 978-1575058498
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Date of publication: March 1, 2006
Age: Grades 3 and up
Genre: Poetry

Themes: puns, poems, music, places, food, animals

Okay, normally I make up my own summary, but the publisher's summary really does it better. I cannot compete. See for yourself: "Ready to laugh until you're horse? ...This imaginative collection of silly and sophisticated puns uncovers double meanings that are kind dove hiding in everyday phrases. A helpful pun-unciation guide is included on porpoise to help ewe give it a try!"

You get the idea? This book is HILARIOUS. And I do not go in all-caps for just anyone. He divides the book up by themes--music, animals, food, places--and then has puns corresponding to that theme. Really, there's no other way to describe how hilarious it is without showing you some of my favorites.

In the Music theme:

"They tune into the older films
and love to watch the dancing
'There's too much sax and violins now,
and not enough romancing.'"

Bahahaha. Okay, and then there's also the super clever puns. Check out this one from the Places theme:

"My dad comes home so tired
he can't keep his Bering Strait.
His Sudan Thailand on the floor,
his shoes land on his plate."

Right?? It took you a second, huh? So this book is FULL of these little, simple poems. Plus, (get this), he includes the factual information about whatever puns he uses at the bottom of the page! For instance, with the last poem, he included, "Bering Strait is the narrow stretch of water that separates Alaska from Siberia." So it's totally educational! I'm telling you, Cleary's poetry is genius. Funny and educational. That is what I require. Go and check it out!

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