Tuesday, September 9

If It Rains Pancakes: Haiku and Lantern Poems

If It Rains Pancakes: Haiku and Lantern Poems
Written by Brian P. Cleary, illustrated by Andy Rowland

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 9781467744126
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Date of publication: May 1, 2014
Age: Grades 1 - 4
Genre: Poetry

Themes: humor, poetry, anything and everything

Although a "haiku" just sounds like you're sneezing, and a "lantern" is a lighting source, they're also types of ancient Japanese poetry. And you can have a lot of fun with them. For example: "Haiku:/When you've written one/without enough syllables/you add words. Football." and "Hug:/a gift/that is best/when you return/it."

Brian Cleary may be the newest addition to my favorite-poet list. Yes, right up there with Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. Why? Because he's hilarious, but totally educational! Just like you should be. My favorites are his "Words Are CATegorical" books, which are just AWESOME (like Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What Is an Adjective?), Honestly, I wish I had had them when I was trying to figure out English as a kid.

ANYWAY... So I was super excited to see this book and discover Cleary's new series "Poetry Adventures." And I discovered that it is totally hilarious. I think it is so important to be able to laugh aloud while reading. Which this one totally did make me laugh. And feel good. Yes, this book has feel-goods. Plus! It does a fabulous job of explaining how Haikus and Lanterns work, and how kids can try it out on their own. So, great in the classroom, or to laugh at in storytime—either way, I highly recommend it. (This one is probably even more favorite than his others.)

I posted a review for the newest "Poetry Adventures" book today, as well, here.

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