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Guinness World Records Early Readers

ISBN: 978-0062341853ISBN: 978-0062341822

Guinness World Records: Wacky Wheels & Daring Dogs
Written by Cari Meister

My rating: ★★★★

Publisher: HarperCollins
Date of publication: February 2, 2016
Age: Grades K - 3
Genre: Nonfiction

Themes: world records, dogs, transportation, curiosities & wonders

From the largest monster truck to the loudest bike horn, these Wacky Wheels Guinness World Records will rev the engines of imagination. And what about dogs that surf, recycle, and scooter? Dogs of all breeds and sizes are impressive. From heroic rescues to zany tricks, the awe-inspiring pooches in Daring Dogs have gone above and beyond to earn their Guinness World Records.

These books are SO fun. They're perfect for kids! What kid doesn't love impressive cars and dogs? The pictures are vivid and are a big support to the text--how fun is it to read about five tennis balls in one dog's mouth if you can't see it?? I also appreciated when the pictures offered scale--like the cover of Wacky Wheels with the little boy off to the side. Or the three-inch tall puppy next to a soda can. Pictures are definitely what make these books fun. The text itself does have some challenging vocabulary, so some adult help may be needed. But still: SO FUN.

I will admit, I did like Daring Dogs a little bit more because there are just some ridiculous vehicles in Wacky Wheels. I mean, the worlds largest motorized shopping cart? That's 'Murica for ya. Anyway, the point is, I recommend them to any and all fact lovers.

Find Wacky Wheels at your library or on Amazon

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