Thursday, March 24

Flannel Friday: Chester's Colorful Easter Eggs

While I realize Easter is only two days away and I'm sharing this idea a bit late...that's okay. Right? You can tuck away the idea for next year! Besides, it's too cute not to share!

I can't take credit for this; my former coworker is the brains and talent behind it. It's simple but perfect for young storytime attendees learning their colors!

This flannel is based on the book Chester's Colorful Easter Eggs. Chester is excited to dye Easter eggs this year and carefully dyes his six eggs each color of the rainbow (my coworker designed the eggs of the flannel to look just like Chester's). Then he hides them for his friends to find!

We used the flannel with a bunny puppet while reading the book, as Chester decorates each egg. But they'd also be perfect to use as an egg-hunt-type of game where you place the flannels in the different parts of the room and see if the kids can spot them. Or after you read the book, you could do "Brown bear, brown bear" rhyme for Easter (Easter bunny, Easter bunny, what do you see? I see a red egg looking at me!).

Anyway, it's simple but really adorable. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Easter!

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