Wednesday, February 17

What This Story Needs is a Hush and a Shush

What This Story Needs is a Hush and a Shush
(A Pig in a Wig Book)
Written and illustrated by Emma J. Virján

My rating: ★★★½

ISBN: 978-0062415288
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date of publication: January 26, 2016
Age: 5 - 8 years

Themes: bedtime, farm animals, animal sounds, sleep

Pig is back with her wig and another adventure with some animal friends. "What this bedtime needs / is a pig in a wig / brushing her teeth, / combing her hair, / and getting ready for bed / with her pink teddy bear." But with a honk, a quack, a moo, and more, it turns out what this bedtime really needs is a quieter place to sleep!

After giving a full five stars to her first book and then listing it as a favorite of 2015, it's not hard to say that I had pretty high expectations for this book. And they were not quite met. This is not to say the book wasn't good. On the contrary, it again had adorable illustrations (the duck cuddling with the wig!) and an excellent rhyming scheme. It would be an excellent readaloud, what with all of the fun animal sounds. It's cute!

However, it lacked the silliness of the first one that I so enjoyed. And it seemed a little less accessible by early readers, with some more complicated vocabulary and a slightly more complex storyline. These things are small complaints, really, and they're only complaints because I'm comparing it to the first. On it's own, it's still great and yes, I recommend it! As a follow-up to the first, yes, I was a tad disappointed.

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  1. Love book blogs for my two boys. I enjoy your blog. The book ideas are helpful. I also like to share. Have you read the new children's picture book, "Cooking With Mr. C."? My kids and I love it. The story is wonderful and the message is important to kids. It's their new favorite. Our recent favorite was "Finding Winnie". I buy lots of books. :) Thanks for your hard work. Mary G.

    1. Thank you! I also loved "Finding Winnie," and will look for "Cooking with Mr. C." Thank you for the recommendation!