Friday, February 12

Origami Flowers Activity for Kids

Origami is a popular after-school program at my library. If we had the people-power, I could totally see this happening as a regular club. It stimulates the brain both logically and creatively, has endless possibilities (so. much. origami.), and is very low cost (just need paper—and not even just origami paper, but all different kinds you probably have laying around). Plus it's fun!


In our origami activities, we always have a few examples with varying levels of difficulty—start with the easiest and move on up. If kids can only do easy one—great, they can make a couple more while other kids try the harder ones. Also, the more people staffing the program the better because invariably, there will be participants who make a mistake or just need a little more one-on-one help. So it helps to have a couple roamers. Otherwise, have your group set up around your main lecturer/example-maker.

So without further ado here's some origami flowers!! Just in time for Valentines!

There are SO MANY kinds you could make, whether with Origami paper, tissue paper, or printer paper. In this case, I'll show you three ideas—easy, medium, hard—using standard 6 in. Origami paper.

(My paper is foil-lined. Pretty, but not recommend—not as forgiving. But I use what I have!)

Easy: Red Rose (tutorial here)

Quick, cute, and to the point! Good warm up.

Medium: Tulip With Stem (tutorial here)

Classic, classic Origami. And kids would definitely feel quite proud to make it. Also, it'd be fun to have what the different colors of tulips represent up for them too see as they make their color and recipient choices. (My purple one is rather regal.)

Hard: Lily With Stem (tutorial here)

Much like the tulip (starts the same) but requires some extra precision (which this example one is lacking—oops).

Overall, it takes around an hour for the program (with 10-20 kids in the group). Kids can make a whole Valentines bouquet! Or, you know, flowers are good for all spring long. Or mother's day. Etc., etc. Just have fun with it!

There are a bunch (a BUNCH) of origami tutorial books at any given library, and its always nice to have those on display for the kids to check out when they're done. But the best book for origami lovers? Origami Yoda of course! There's the companion instruction book, too—Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling: An Origami Yoda Activity Book. Check them out:


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