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10 Books That Read Like Your Favorite TV Shows

It's true. Sitting down and vegging out on the latest season of your favorite TV show really is easy and fun to do. And thanks, Netflix, for making it that much easier.

But maybe you're stuck waiting for the next season. Or, you know, your brain needs a little bit of a pick-me-up. Behold! Your solution: ten books that read like your favorite shows on television.

This here is a mash of my favorite shows and books I've read like them. And a mash of my favorite books and me finding TV shows that sound like them. And a mash of what I know are top TV shows that I haven't watched and their matching books that people talk about but I haven't read myself. Yeah.

The books here are Teen and New Adult, but by all means, search around for more. There's all kinds of lists out there. So hopefully you can find something that matches your taste.

1. If You Like Criminal Minds, Try Reading The Naturals

This is a straight-up, straight-across perfect read alike. Because I, my friend, happen to love both of these. Criminal detective show that goes into the psychology of the murderer—it was only a matter of time before a book came out like it! And this series stars teens in the FBI. Nothing wrong with that. No problems whatsoever (read: heavy sarcasm).

2. If You Like Once Upon a Time, Try Reading Cinder

Fairy tales are as an essential part of our literary society as bacon is to your breakfast. They're foundational, really. So a TV show that has a bunch of fairy tale characters living together is bound to be exciting. Well, Meyer's "The Lunar Chronicles" take some beloved fairy tale heroines and has them working together to defeat the evil queen (who wants to take over the world, of course) in a total kick-butt way. Don't worry, handsome princes are included.

3. If You Like The Bachelor, Try Reading The Selection

If you enjoy watching one guy weed through a bunch of girls to find his one true love, than read the Selection. Romance, intrigue, and the drama of 35 girls going after one guy. You'll love it.

4. If You Like Arrow (or X-Men or Gotham or Agents of SHIELD), Try Reading Steelheart

Okay, okay, I'm just trying to name all the superhero TV shows. Because Steelheart is, possibly, the best "superhero" book I've read. The variety of superpowers available is more like the X-Men, but, like Arrow, ordinary humans are the heroes. You might also like Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard.

5. If You Like Game of Thrones, Try Reading Throne of Glass

After breaking records with its season 5 finale, Game of Thrones is a surefire hit. So, if you like it, then (duh!) read Game of Thrones. But maybe you want to take an (only slightly) easier route. Behold: the epic fantasy that is Throne of Glass. No joke, hands-down, my favorite series right now. It's genius.

6. If You Like Downton Abbey, Try Reading At Somerton

Ah, the rich and famous. The sordid intrigue. The exquisite fashion. If you're dying for more 1920s high-class British drama, try out this series. It's sure to tide you over now that the show is done.

7. If You Like American Horror Story, Try Reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Some people like the horrorific and crazy. Kudos to you guys. If this describes you, by all means, pick up Miss Peregrine's. Definitely on the weird side. Heck, there's a whole list of American Horror Story-type reads here. As for me, my favorite (FAVORITE) ghost story would be Lockwood & Co. Just enough to keep you up at night.

8. If You Like The Walking Dead, Try Reading This Is Not a Test

Okay, it's true. You have your selection of zombie books. But what if there's a zombie invasion...and you're not sure if it's worth it to survive? This is Not a Test is quite the psychological roller coaster. Or you could try the classic zombie-escape story of Enclave, by Ann Aguire.

9. If You Like Sherlock, Try Reading Stoker & Holmes

Yes, another bit of a "duh" moment: if you like Sherlock, read Sherlock! Or perhaps you're interested in the dealings of Sherlock's equally detective-prone niece. Throw in a bit of steam-punk and vampires, and you got yourself a thriller.

10. If You Like Friends, Try Reading An Abundance of Katherines

Really, any romantic sitcom. We all have favorites. And there's some great rom-com books, too. Like John Green's An Abundance of Katherines, which involves taking a road trip with your crass best friend to figure out why nineteen different Katherines dumped you. Or I also liked Elizabeth Eulberg's Better Off Friends. Which just sounds like a sitcom title right there.

Of course, there are all sorts of spin-offs or actual novelizations of popular television shows that you can check out, too. Or even more books that have been made into TV, like Orange Is the New Black and Outlander and Pretty Little Liars. Or better yet, rediscover how many pieces of classic literature have similar plot lines to modern shows. Like Breaking Bad and Crime and Punishment. Or Lost and Lord of the Flies.

Man, I'm overwhelming myself just thinking about it. What are some of your TV to book recommendations?

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