Tuesday, June 30

Blog Spotlight: Step Up Readers

Normally, I have some sort of book review for early readers or kids on Tuesdays. But today, I thought, why not go straight to the source? and show you guys a REALLY useful blog that's ALL ABOUT easy readers.

Behold! Step Up Readers!

Creator Katie has built a fantastic blog where she reviews and spotlights readers for the rest of us. Because it turns out that there's a lot of variables with publishers, levels of reading, series, and...everything, really.

For parents, this is a great resource in helping to select books for their children. Because who really has the time to check which books are actually at their kids' reading level (because Level 2 is not the same all the way across the different publishers. Oh no.)

For librarians & teachers, it's a huge help for us in figuring out which sorts of books we should even be stocking and recommending. Just because it says it's a "reader" doesn't mean it's the educational, engaging story that kids need.

So thanks Katie! Hopefully we can build up the world of easy reader reviews and help others help kids get interested in reading from an early age!

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