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Mustache Baby Meets His Match

Mustache Baby Meets His Match
Written by Bridget Heos, illustrated by Joy Ang

My rating: ★★★★★

ISBN: 978-0544363755
Publisher: Clarion Books
Date of publication: March 3, 2015
Age: 4 years and up

Themes: good guy/bad guy, friendship, competition, facial hair

Baby Billy was born with a mustache. But Baby Javier, the new baby in town, was born with a beard. When Baby Javier comes over for a playdate, Baby Billy tries to show him a thing or two—but it quickly becomes a competition of manliness! Has Mustache Baby met his match? Or will the two remember the real point of a playdate?

This book is so amazing, I want to do a whole storytime just for mustaches and beards. Yes, I love the book that much. The first book, Mustache Baby, was good, but this just takes is up to a whole new level! Again, there's the hilarious character plays behind each style of mustache, but now throw in a beard and it gets that much better. Also, it still has the sentimental side where two kids are learning how to become friends. The illustrations? This book would not be what it is without them. For instance:

It's not just two babies trying to one-up each other over art. Oh no. That's Dali and Van Gogh. And that's why this book is good for all ages. There's so many subtle little jokes in the illustrations! I love it. I love that it's hilarious, clever, sentimental, and well-done. I highly recommend it, even if you haven't read the first.

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