Monday, March 23

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect
Written by David Elliott, illustrated by Sam Zuppardi

My rating: ★★★½

ISBN: 978-0763666996
Publisher: Candlewick
Date of publication: February 10, 2015
Age: 3 - 7 years
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Themes: love, patience, understanding, relationships

A little boy, stuck in time out, realizes that it's true: nobody's perfect. The best friend is kind of a show-off. Baby sister is loud. And Mom can be pretty stubborn. But then again, neither is the little boy. But maybe with a little patience and love, they can all get pretty close.

It's sweet. Basically, if you want a cute, simple tale about the importance of loving someone (despite their flaws), this is a great book. Elliott's text is simple and goes right along with the childish-like drawings of Zuppardi. A lot of emotion gets conveyed with those illustrations, as well; I like them. Anyway, I hope this books helps kids appreciate what a little patience may reveal. Try it out!

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