Friday, February 20

Flannel Friday: Good-night, Owl!

Today's flannel is great for a storytime all about owls (like I just did this week) or for birds in general (which I hope to do soon).

Based on the book by Pat Hutchins, Good-night Owl utilizes all different kinds of fun bird calls and animal sounds that are keeping Owl awake. Then, when night finally falls, it's Owl that wakes everybody else! (credit: Read Rabbit Read)

I made the tree itself out of felt and printed clipart images of the animals. I didn't do every animal in the book (there's a lot), but enough that the kids would be challenged. They had a lot of fun making every sound with me.

You could use the book, but it goes something like this:

Owl was trying to sleep.
The dove cooed (coo! coo!)
And Owl tried to sleep.
The bees buzzed (buzz! buzz!)
And Owl tried to sleep.
And finally night fell. The moon came up.
The owl hooted (hoo! hoo!)
And woke everybody up!


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  1. A great idea! Love that book! Your felt tree is very nice and those noisy animals, especially that owl make the story hilarious.