Saturday, February 14


Happy Valentines Day! I'm celebrating with a book I love...and it has a red(ish) cover...aren't I festive?

(The Reckoners #2)
Brandon Sanderson

My rating: ★★★★★

ISBN: 978-0385743587
Publisher: Delacorte
Date of publication: January 6, 2015
Age: Grades 8 and up
Genre: Science Fiction

Themes: superpowers, resistance, evil, secrecy

After the downfall of Steelheart, David thought life would be simpler. Instead, he has questions. Perhaps his answer lies in Babylon Restored, the borough once known as Manhattan. There, the high epic Regalia is taunting the Reckoners, drawing them to her city. But it's also where Firefight is, and David needs to know if she's really the villain people claim. These and other answers, however, just may cost David his life.

I loved this book. I love Brandon Sanderson. The way that he can create an entire community--world, really--where these amazing powers and abilities control the way everything works is amazing. That he can do it in a believable way is even more amazing. David is an even better character in this book. Whereas in the last novel where he was driven by revenge, his one goal in life has been accomplished. There's a hole in his heart. So what does that mean? His character evolves, beautifully.

I was a little confused at some of the events in the end (a little bit of, "Wait, what?"). There were some stretches. But it was just SO EXCITING it didn't really matter. It was one of those books that just didn't leave my mind even after I had finished it. I need the next book, Sanderson!! Everyone, read these books!

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