Thursday, March 23

National Poetry Month Library Display

Ages ago, when working at my old library, I found this image on Pinterest:

As far as I can tell, the image came from Greenville County Library. So I'm giving them the credit, though I will admit that it could've come from anywhere (oh the joys of Pinterest).

But the point is: I got out a poster board and copied it exactly to hang as a display in my library. Because I think it is hilarious. And it worked so well to promote our (somewhat rarely used) poetry section. In fact, I've got a list of some of my favorite poetry books below.

Monday, March 20

Reviews of the Week 3/20: Picture Book Edition

There's a lot of great picture books being published of late--it's hard to keep up! But here are another three that were pretty impressive in their illustrations and ideas, even though each of them are very different. See for yourself!

Friday, March 17

Donuts Storytime

Donut? Doughnut? Donut. In case you're wondering, National Donut Day is the first Friday in June. You know, in case you need a storytime idea or some donut activity ideas. This storytime is designed for preschool-aged kids.

Tuesday, March 14

Reviews of the Week 3/13

Anyone else celebrate Pi Day? I've got pi on the brain. Okay, mostly pie. Especially with pie making a repeated appearance in a reviewed book this week: The Warden's Daughter. Unfortunately, the pie references might've been the only part I really like in that book...

Friday, March 10

11 Nonfiction Picture Book Biographies About Amazing Women

Did you know March is National Women's History Month? And that we celebrated International Women's Day just two short days ago? So it only made sense to start gathering a list of some of my favorite women's biographies. In this case, I picked picture book biographies. I love this format because it makes biographies so much more fun for kids (okay, and for me, too). While I realize you're not always going to get every last fact about a person's life, picture book biographies do allow the sharing of inspiring messages—and, of course, gorgeous illustrations that really drive the emotional aspects of a person's story.

Here's my eleven favorite women's biographies for kids. Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments below!

Monday, March 6

Reviews of the Week 3/6

Hello and happy Monday! My reviews this week have quite the spread between topic and rating. That's all I have to say, really,'s Monday. 

Friday, March 3

Flannel Friday: Seashells!

After coming up with an underwater-themed storytime this week, I wanted to share the (free) printable flannel I made for Flannel Friday!

Okay, you're right, since it's printable, it's not really flannel (or felt for that matter). But hey! It works. Just stick a bit of Velcro or flannel on the back of the paper. The shells (vector images) can be found here: red seashell, yellow seashell, green seashell, orange seashell, white seashell. And of course, the crab is printable, too. 

So with this flannel, we played the ever favorite hide-and-seek game (a Little Mouse variation) with the crab hiding behind one of the shells. Then I let the kids guess which color shell we should look under and then we say this rhyme:

Little crab, little crab, where do you hide?
Are you in the red* seashell? Let's peek inside!

*Or whichever color. This is also a fun rhyme to practice sign language! You can do signs for the colors, "crab," and "seashell." The kids get ridiculously excited about finding the little guy. Hope you have fun with it, too!

Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime is hosting the Flannel Friday roundup today. You can also check out the FF website, Pinterest, or Facebook! Or use #flannelstorytime on Twitter!

Wednesday, March 1

Underwater Storytime

This storytime is targeted at preschool-aged kids at the library (but works for school and at-home activities, too!)