Friday, March 31

More Funny Book Covers for April Fools

Happy April Fools! I decided to expand on my April Fools display from last year (which was originally inspired by Hafuboti) with five more popular picture book covers that have been specially photoshopped...April Fools style. I love me some funny books!

I've included the Google Drive pdfs in the caption of each of the photos below, so you can download these copies whichever way you please (for free!) and print them off for your own hilarious book display. Kids are sure to love them. Try setting it up where kids have to write down the correct titles, if they know it. Or have them design their own April Fools picture book cover!

"How to Climb a Tree" PDF (based on this book)

"Giraffes Can Flip" PDF (based on this book)

"Guess How Long Your Ears Are" PDF (based on this book)

"Good Day, Good Day, Construction Place" PDF (based on this book)

"Cotton" PDF (based on this book)

Hopefully these earned a giggle or two. Have a great April Fools!

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