Friday, January 20

Flannel Friday: 5 Little Love Bugs

You know, today, I'm in the mood for some love. Not any of that other stuff. Good thing the Flannel Friday roundup today is the Valentine's Day Extravaganza! So I decided to share this little flannel love bugs. Because I need a hug.

I ran out of googly I used beads instead. Go with what you've got, right?

These five little love bugs can do all sorts of rhymes. See this video and this video for some inspiration. But here's an original composition, just for fun. This would be especially fun in baby time, or a lapsit program because not only do you get to practice counting, but you get to snuggle and hug (ooo! cuddles!). Which is just the bestest best, let's be honest.

5 Little Love Bugs

Up in the air, flying up there, fluttering everywhere, *flutter hands overhead*
Were five little love bugs.
One flew down, flying all around, almost to the ground, *fly hands around baby*
Looking for some love hugs... 
HERE'S ONE! *hug your baby*

...repeat, counting down the number of love bugs.

Aww, now I want to go find a love hug! Hope you enjoyed this little flannel. Happy Valentine's!

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